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Here you can find the most recent issue of FRAKO News and interesting reports on technical and business developments at FRAKO. If you are looking for concrete information or need specific images, please contact us directly.

FRAKO Main Catalogue 2024

April 2024. The new catalogue is now available. More

Power Factor correction for special applications

March 2024. FRAKO has been building power factor correction systems for many years. Currently, almost exclusively systems with harmonic filter reactors are being used because the higher frequency components (harmonics) in the electrical mains are steadily increasing due to power electronics.
Did you know that we also design and manufacture power factor correction systems for special applications? The following case story describes a specific requirement for power factor correction. More

News in January

January 2024. Selection Guide – Selecting the right power electronics capacitors. Mehr


Whitepaper: Appropriate Dimensioning of Power Factor Correction

October 2023. You have identified a need for reactive power compensation in your operation? Our new whitepaper “Appropriate Dimensioning of PFC Systems" will help you to determine this - in addition, our team of specialists from the in-house and field service will also be happy to provide you with advice and support. You can download the whitepaper here. More


Power Electronics Capacitors (PEC)

March 2023. Here please find an update of our brochure for power electronics capacitors. More


FRAKO PQA-C: A new Specialist in our PQ Family

February 2023. The PQA-C is a new member of our PQ family. The device contains efficient further developments of the control functions of the proven and discontinued device EM-PQ 2300. It is the ideal combination of measuring device (i.e. Power Quality Analyzer) and control device (Controller). More


FRAKO PQC - an ideal companion through the energy transition

February 2023. Energy crisis, rising energy prices, coal and nuclear phase-out.... the only sustainable solution is the continuous expansion of renewable energies. More


FRAKO Main Catalogue 2023

February 2023. The new catalogue is now available. More


Power electronics capacitors (PEC)

May 2022. Power electronics capacitors (PEC) are now optionally available with screw terminal or with fast-on screwless terminal. After a forced break due to corona, we were now able to present these capacitors live to the trade public at the trade fair PCIM in Nuremberg (10 - 12 May). Further information on these capacitors can be found here: More


Power Quality Controller Version 4.0

March 2021. FRAKO PQC Version 4.0 – Precise, Flexible and Universal – More versatile control of power factor. More

FRAKO Main Catalogue 2021

February 2021. The new catalogue is now available. More


Manual Power Quality

February 2021. Informationen – Tables – Formulas
Everything to do with power factor correction and power quality for engineers and users. More


New Dynamic Power Factor Controller for dynamic and hybrid power factor correction

October 2020. Here you receive information about the new Power Factors Controllers for dynamic and hybrid  power factor correction. More

Important information about COVID-19 handling at FRAKO

March 2020. Here you receive important information on our temporary closure. More

Redesign of the connecting terminals for LKT power capacitors (85 mm)

June 2019. Here you receive information on the planned modification. More


May 2019. FRAKO Power Quality Controller Version 3.0 – Customer information. More


April 2019. PQM – The Multitalent – Power Quality 4.0. - Whether to inform, to alert or to connect the PQM is a multitalent, an all-in-one instrument. More


March 2019. Be on the safe side with FRAKO – Proven FRAKO quality now available for power electronics. More


March 2019. Edition 2019 - The reactive power control relay for maximum system reliability. More


Currently, a lot of fake e-mails with attached invoice documents that may contain a Trojan are circulating. These mails pretend to be from the company FRAKO. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything against this, as these mails are not sent from our servers. These mails are a general problem. More

Recommendations for Harmonic and Power Measurements in Electrical Networks

October 2018. Here you will find information from the ZVEI – Power Capacitor Division: Analysis implementation and reporting requirements regarding grid power quality and equipment loads. More

Ready for the Internet of Things with the Power Quality Controller PQC

September 2018. The buzzword IoT is currently on everyone’s lips. It is short for „Internet of Things“. The internet of things in which, mostly cloud-based, the information from various devices and systems can be merged and evaluated. The offers and services around IoT have developed rapidly in recent years and will become increasingly important in a networked future. mehr

New features for the PQC in firmware V2.1

August 2018. With the new firmware V2.1 we have integrated new functions of the PQC (Power Quality Controller), which will be delivered beginning in August 2018. Besides some minor optimizations, we integrated three new features, such as the alarm history, a min/max memory and the advanced controller profile switching. more

Changes in the Corporate Governance of FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH

October 2017. On 05 October 2017, Mr. Achim Lösch stood down from his position as Joint Managing Director. We would like to thank Mr. Lösch for his good and effective work at FRAKO and we wish him for his future, both professional and private, continuing happiness and success.

With immediate effect, Dr. Matthias Sehmsdorf takes on the responsibility of Managing Director of FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH, with power of sole representation.

„Product of the Year Award“ for FRAKO Power Capacitors

September 2017. We are pleased to announce that our Power Capacitors type DD60 Capacitor Line is the Bronze Winner for Consulting-Specifying Engineer “2017 Product of the Year Award” in the category “Electrical Distribution”. more

Replacement of the EMIS 1500 by the PQM 1588

June 2017. The Central Unit EMIS 1500 which has been available since 2005 will be replaced by the Power Quality Manager PQM 1588 as of July 2017.

The new PQM 1588 for DIN-rail mounting offers, additionally to the basic functions of the EMIS 1500, an extended functionality on a modern hardware platform. It thereby provides the basis for better development possibilities of the proven FRAKO energy data collection system. more

Replacement of the RM 9606 Power Factor Control Relay in FRAKO PFC Systems / Discontinuation of the production of RM 9606 Power Factor Control Relay

June 2017. The Power Quality Controller PQC (12 stage version) has already successfully been used in our Power Factor Correction Systems for several months now. Effective July15, 2017, also the six-stage version of the PQC will replace the RM 9606 used to date. more

Factory-installed connection terminals on LKT-type Power Capacitors

May 2017. For almost 20 years we have been offering the AKD-type connecting terminal as an Option for our  Power Capacitors. With the tried and tested Wago CageClamp® spring-Tension mechanism, a simple, Vibration-proof and maintenance-free Connection to the capacitor can be realized.

Effective Juliy 1, 2017, we will equip each LKT Power Capacitor with the appropriate connecting terminal. more


Unification of mounting bolts for power capacitors

March 2017. Starting from April, the mounting bolts for all FRAKO LKT power capacitors will be adjusted to an identical length. more 

Upgraded traceability of FRAKO power capacitors

September 2016.The tesa Holospot®, which has to date marked every FRAKO power capacitor with its unique serial number, will in future be replaced by a more comprehensive QR code. In addition to the capacitor's individual serial number, this QR code also presents further Information about the capacitor.  more

FRAKO power factor control relay PQC will be replacing EMR 1100 series by 2017

September 2016. FRAKO will discontinue its EMR 1100 series of reactive power control relays as of 31 December 2016.

In future, FRAKO's PQC instrument will offer easy installation, simple operation and automatic ‘plug and play’ start-up for the control of power factor correction systems. The FRAKO PQC is an intelligent reactive power control relay and an ideal Instrument for control Panel builders, electrical installers and electricians who want to reduce costs and minimize the risk of network disruptions.

For Information on the new FRAKO power factor control relay PQC please click here

For Information on the product discontinuation of the EMR 1100 please click here


FRAKO Modular Active Filter – Power Quality enters a new generation

April 2016. Modern medical equipment, the latest LED technology and present-day motor control systems make the most exacting demands on power supply quality. Certain loads, however, greatly distort the supply-side waveform by generating harmonics. This situation often calls for an improvement in power quality. With the FRAKO Modular Active Filter, the distortion caused by individual loads, groups of consumers or the entire electrical Installation is reduced to a tolerable level or totally eliminated from the network. more


April 2016. Update FRAKO PQC – The reactive power control relay for maximum operational reliability. more

Changes in the Management Board of FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH

July 2015. Achim Lösch has been appointed to the management of FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH as of 1st July 2015. Mr. Lösch is responsible for sales and product development. Together with Dr. Matthias Sehmsdorf, who is responsible for production and finance, the activities of FRAKO in the growth market of network quality will be further expanded.

Innovative Power Capacitors –The New FRAKO Power Capacitors – Patented Safety & Reliability

April 2015. Adhering to this slogan we are proud to present a Power Capacitor world-class innovation
at the upcoming Hannover Fair. Learn more about the new technology and visit us at the Hannover
Fair. We are looking forward to your visit. more

FRAKO PQC – The Reactive Power Control Relay – Introducing the new FRAKO Relay

March 2015. The new Reactive Power Control Relay by FRAKO will be presented on the
eltefa fair (18.-20.03.2015) and Hannover fair (13.-17.04.2015) for the first time.
Special features of the FRAKO PQC – apart from:

  • Optimum cos phi control with 5 programmable characteristic curves
  • Quick, user-friendly operation via plain language display
  • Simple installation and automatic commissioning plus correction if wrongly connected
  • Speedy troubleshooting through integration into management systems via Modbus, TCP/IP

the PQC offers a unique feature: the analysis of harmonics spectrum up to the 50 th .

Learn more about the new FRAKO PQC and visit us at the trade fairs eltefa and Hannover. We are
looking forward to your visit. more

The new FRAKO image brochure – Safeguard Your Energy

October 2014. The new FRAKO image brochure is available. more