Leading-edge technology – a sound basis for operational reliability

‘Plug and play’ best describes the approach to operating our reactive power control relays. Their unique patented control characteristics, complex measurement and analysis system, together with numerous useful functions and data storage options, are ‘child’s play’ and quick to apply in practice.

FRAKO Reactive Power Control Relays

These reactive power control relays can be employed universally; they adapt themselves automatically to the power factor correction system to which they are connected and to the network requiring this correction. The patented control characteristic curve regulates cos phi to the selected target value and avoids overcorrecting under light load conditions. Charges for reactive power demand are therefore reliably eliminated and the risk of network disruption is reduced.

  • High accuracy and sensitivity even in networks heavily contaminated with harmonics
  • Detection of power fed back into the supply in networks with their own generating facilities
  • No undue stressing of the components of the power factor correction system in operation
  • Increased service life expectation for the system 

The innovative patented control characteristics fulfil the requirements of present-day industrial networks, making the FRAKO control relay universally employable.

FRAKO Power Quality Controller 

With this video you will get an overview on the features and functions of the FRAKO Power Quality Controller PQC

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