Proven FRAKO quality now available for power electronics according to IEC 61071

FRAKO Power Electronics Capacitors – type LKT-F

Proven FRAKO quality now available for power electronics.

Their compact design achieves superior thermal stability in small physical sizes and provides you with the ideal components for applications where performance and reliability are demanded.

Power electronics capacitors are capacitors designed especially for use with non-sinusoidal voltages and pulse currents. Power electronics capacitors are available for DC and AC applications.

AC capacitors are used for input filters / output filters, damping capacitors and for erasing semiconductor elements. These capacitors run at FRAKO under the abbreviation "LKT-F-".

FRAKO power electronics capacitors offer ‘Made in Germany’ quality and form the optimum basis for both fixed installed capacitance for specific duties and controlled power factor correction systems. Our power electronics capacitors incorporate a fourfold safety system for maximum operational reliability. They are the first choice when consumers worldwide need to reduce reactive power, improve power quality and avoid charges for reactive demand. 

Distinct advantages of our power electronics capacitors:

  • High overload capability

  • Long service life

  • Maximum operational reliability

The patented contact ring technology also enables FRAKO to produce completely lead-free capacitors and make yet another improvement to their operating reliability. The use of rigorously inspected materials and their careful processing guarantee excellent quality and a long product service life. FRAKO manufactures its power electronics capacitors to its own in-house specifications, which are far more exacting than the requirements of the applicable standards.

Each FRAKO power electronics capacitor can be uniquely identified by an individual serial number. It contains Information on data relevant for production and serves as a link to the test and measurement results of the type test.