Safety and reliability are prime objectives worldwide

FRAKO is well known internationally for its safe and reliable systems; quality and quality assurance therefore have a vital role to play, from the very first consultation right through to the finished product.

Made in Germany in every area

Exacting quality specifications in all areas are the criteria for our products and services. A particularly important role in meeting this challenge is our individual advisory and project execution service. The basis for our successful cooperation with customers is provided by our certified quality and environmental management systems and our own research and development departments. On top of this, we always adhere to our guiding principles that make us a straightforward and agreeable partner to work with. You can always take us at our word; for us that is as much a matter of course as being able to deliver, delivering on time and reacting promptly to handle any complaints. As a supplier of complete systems, we pay attention to the best quality and good working order of every individual component. This is how we achieve the high profitability and long service life of our installations and systems. With our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification we fulfil the most demanding quality requirements in all areas: when advising customers, honouring commitments and turning individual needs into concrete products and special services.

The finest examples of FRAKO quality are our capacitors — well known in the market and representing 'Made in Germany' at its very best. The materials for their manufacture are tested painstakingly for their durability, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Every subsequent manufacturing step features a special quality control operation. The following are examples of the tests we carry out:

  • Routine tests (IEC/EN 60831 and to FRAKO in-house specifications)
  • Type tests (IEC/EN 60831)
  • FRAKO acceptance tests
  • Tests before, during and after manufacture

Certification history

  • 1994 ISO 9001
  • 1999 Environmental management system ISO 14001
  • 2003 Process management system
  • 2012 Energy management system ISO 50001