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FRAKO offers you complete systems from a single source to optimize your power network and improve your power quality with active and passive harmonic filters, dynamic power factor correction systems and network analysers.

You do the manufacturing—we take care of power quality

A reliable power supply, free of disruptions, is essential for machinery and manufacturing systems to continue producing with no breakdowns. The growing use of loads with non-linear characteristics, drawing non-sinusoidal current from the supply, results in an ever-increasing pollution of the network with harmonics. Power supply companies alone cannot always guarantee stable network quality; in many cases a company’s own active filters or power factor correction systems help to improve power quality at its installations.

Systems of this type require monitoring and maintenance. This can be done either by the manufacturing company itself or by a specialized service provider such as FRAKO. Remote maintenance means that a manufacturer can concentrate on its core competencies—while production continues in full swing.

Initial status

A company in the metalworking sector repeatedly suffered fluctuations in the power supply voltage. This led to irregularities and disruptions in the machinery and production lines. The problem was caused by electrical welding equipment, which generated enormous levels of harmonics. A FRAKO active filter proved to be the remedy in this case.


Let a professional make a reliable evaluation of your power quality.

Just installing equipment simply is not enough. For filters or power factor correction systems to work at their best, certain parameters, such as the load, must be optimized. If, for example, new equipment or machinery has been started up, it may be necessary to make appropriate adjustments. Sometimes it is enough just to change a setting, but in other cases the system needs to be upgraded. The regular inspection of wear parts, such as dust filter mats, replacing them when necessary, is also crucial. Indications of changes in load or of disruptions are given, for example, by rising system temperatures or by power measurement reports, which must be generated by technicians on site.

We are at your side, even when far away.

FRAKO's remote maintenance service offers unmatched speed and reliability, and can be made use of at regular intervals, permanently or simply when needed. Secure bidirectional communication via a VPN (virtual private network) tunnel or a wireless router enables FRAKO to access, monitor, save and evaluate your system parameters. In addition, FRAKO instruments and systems transmit alarm signals if specified irregularities occur. In the event of a fault condition, a technician can intervene directly and restore reliable operation.

Impressive benefits

As a FRAKO customer, you can concentrate on your core competencies with no need to train your own in-house electrician to maintain the active filter or have regular measurement reports prepared. FRAKO takes care of your power quality—regularly and continually, just as you wish. All action taken focuses on the actual conditions at your site. A problem-free power supply is the basis for the uninterrupted operation of your production lines.

You benefit from increased operational reliability through the early detection of potentially critical system conditions. Enhanced productivity and lower running costs result from a maintenance schedule optimized to save time and money.